Career Advancement

Officer in tactical gearWe understand that if we are to be successful in establishing and maintaining the Sheriff’s Office as a model for other law enforcement agencies, we must continually invest in developing our most valuable asset – our employees. At the Sheriff’s Office, employees have many opportunities to specialize and develop within a chosen career path.  There are also plenty of chances for employees to continue their education and promote into a supervisory position.

Lateral Transfer

A lateral transfer from an outside law enforcement agency can receive all or partial credit for their previous years of service. The pay rate will be established based on comparable wages for deputies with Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Specialized Units

While deputies are initially assigned to our Detention Bureau, the Sheriff’s Office maintains a broad range of specialized units that allow you to tailor your career to a specific area of interest:

  • Accidents Investigations Unit*
  • Bike Patrol*
  • Canine Handler
  • Drone Operator*Motorcyle Unit
  • Federal Task Force
  • Honor Guard*
  • Hostage Negotiation Team*
  • Mobile Command Post*
  • Motorcycle Unit*
  • Peer Support Team*
  • SERT(Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team)*

*Not full-time units. Duties are done concurrently with regular assignments.

College Reimbursement Program

CeremonyThe Sheriff’s Office maintains a College Reimbursement Program whereby eligible, full-time regular employees who successfully completed their probationary period may be reimbursed for approved, for-credit educational classes and related books up to an initial maximum of $3,500 per calendar year, subject to budget availability. Employees completing college courses under this program are expected to attend classes while off-duty and without compensation. Eligible education programs include: Any undergraduate or graduate degree program, or any individual job-related courses, at an accredited community college or university.


See yourself in a supervisory position? We offer promotions for both our sworn and non-sworn employees. Sworn employees can promote all the way up to the rank of Bureau Chief by way of a competitive internal promotional process. While our non-sworn staff can be promoted for example from Civilian Specialist to Deputy Sheriff, Clerk III to Administrative Supervisor or Forensic Scientist Leader to Forensic Scientist Supervisor.